Benjamin Disraeli
Making your business easier and more rewarding to manage ... * Part Time and Freelance Finance Director * SME Business Management Mentoring * Business Reviews and Company Health Checks * Business Improvement and Turnaround * Non-Executive Directorship & Corporate Governance ... Finding performance improvement opportunities in your business 
TO COMPLEMENT OUR FINANCE DIRECTOR AND Non-Executive Director services, we offer business improvement and mentoring programmes, that we can deliver on a daily basis. Every business or company, without exception, has hidden business improvement opportunities that we can identify to guide you towards financial security.
To quote one MD ... 'we must be doing OK because we're not on stop with any suppliers'... we were in fact on stop with 70% of our suppliers...  
M. Barker-Quick, Co. Director. 


From mentoring inexperienced FD's and business owners keen to develop their financial and business management skills; business health checks for those worried that their business’ finances and performance isn’t as sound as it should be. We’ll review your business, suggest practical improvement, and help you to redefine your strategy.


With his inclusive personal manner, he is able to engage clients and support business change ...
Tracy Pound, MD, MaximITy