Roger Smith
Making your business easier and more rewarding to manage ... * Part Time and Freelance Finance Director * SME Business Management Mentoring * Business Reviews and Company Health Checks * Business Improvement and Turnaround * Non-Executive Directorship & Corporate Governance ... Finding performance improvement opportunities in your business 
2009: FOUNDED BY DOMINIC SEARS CONCERNED BY THE LACK OF FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SKILLS IN SME BUSINESSES, Offering a Part-Time FD service to make smaller businesses “easier and more rewarding to manage.”
2010: FD service Supplemented with NED service.

2011: Stepping Stones & A2F programmes evolved to support inexperienced FD's, business owners and businesses struggling to raise funds from banks.

2012: In collaboration with other specialists, we now assist businesses in preparing for sale.
Good MIS [management Information] and its introduction in ... the recovery situations that I have been involved with, has helped significantly in moving the business forward.

Byron Pull, Company Turnaround Specialist


very friendly and approachable... His approach is very systematic and methodical.
Donato Esposito, MD, Collaboratus