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12th July 2012: A Fund Young Entrepreneurs' Seminar 
Suttongate Consulting MD, Dominic Sears, will be presenting at the A Fund Young Entrepreneurs' Seminar at The Custard Factory in Birmingham. His presentation will focus on developing a successful business and the importance of strong financial management. The A Fund is a 10m youth development fund started by Accord Housing and is chaired by local entrepreneur, Jamie Dunn.     

1st December 2011: Investors in Excellence Associate Membership 
Suttongate Consulting is proud to announce its appointment as an Associate member of Investors in Excellence, the organisation that promotes "best practice" in every aspect and all levels of businesses and organisations. "I'm very pleased about our collaboration, as IiE share our values for best practice and continuous improvement" said MD, Dominic Sears.  

28th February 2011: CIMA Better Decision Making in Difficult Economic Times
Director, Dominic Sears is attending the CIMA technical update seminar on better decision making. The seminar was focused on how to make information more relevant and easier for the end user to have greater confidence in their decision making. Read the article on our blog for more information.
3rd February 2011: Right Funds for You & Entrepreneur Showcase
MD, Dominic Sears will today be attending the Connect Midlands "Right funds for you" event at the Hilton, Coventry and the "Entrepreneur Showcase" at the Birmingham Science Park, Aston.

24th January 2011: CIMA Business Improvement Seminar
Dominic Sears attended the CIMA business improvement seminar in Coventry on the 22nd January. The subject matter will be of vital interest to any business. For more information, visit our blog and read the article about this seminar for more information.

22nd December 2010: CIMA Practicing Certificate.
Suttongate Consulting is pleased to announce it has been awarded its Practicing Certificate by CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. The CIMA  PCH logo is your assurance of  both technical and professional competence and behaviour.
 19th October 2010: 2 Fat Blokes Charity Event.
Director Dominic Sears and his wife Joanne, will be attending the 2 Fat Blokes on their Bikes charity event being held at Malmaison Hotel, Birmingham on the 3rd November 2010
 27th September 2010: Aston Reinvestment trust AGM.
Suttongate Consulting director Dominic Sears, attended the AGM of Aston Reinvestment Trust. The AGM was also attended by ART's President, Sir Adrian Cadbury. Success stories includes Birmingham Michelin starred restaurant, Purnell's. 
 20th September 2010: CIMA Data Protection Conference
Suttongate Consulting director Dominic Sears, today attended the CIMA Data Protection Conference in Solihull. Subjects included the Data Protection Act [1998], and measures to protect electronic transmission of data. 
11th March 2010: Dominic Sears elected a Fellow of CIMA.
Suttongate Consulting director Dominic Sears, is proud to announce his election as a Fellow of CIMA, the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.