Benjamin Disraeli
Making your business easier and more rewarding to manage ... * Part Time and Freelance Finance Director * SME Business Management Mentoring * Business Reviews and Company Health Checks * Business Improvement and Turnaround * Non-Executive Directorship & Corporate Governance ... Finding performance improvement opportunities in your business 
IDEAL FOR BUSINESSES WISHING TO BENEFIT FROM THE  INSIGHT AND SUPPORT OF AN EXPERIENCED COMPANY  director. Attending your monthly board meetings to provide the practical support you need, this service is ideal for an SME wishing to benefit from our experience; Any established business looking to introduce new ideas to their board room or an entrepreneur who “can’t be everywhere at once”.

With our support and experience, not only will you be able to call upon the financial and business expertise essential to keep any business or organisation going in the right direction; but also the corporate governance to ensure a long-term rather than short-term focus. 
 Fail to plan, plan to fail! It still amazes me to this day that some businesses have no plan, limited vision and hope to be a success with minimal amount of work
Imelda McGrattan, Sales Strategist.   


has a strong sense of how to help make things happen in the right way, both technically and commercially.
James Hall, Meridian Private Client LLP