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A FINANCE DIRECTOR IS CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF A BUSINESS, WHICH IS WHY LARGER COMPANIES EMPLOY experienced people in the role. Often the “right hand man” to the MD or CEO, ensuring financial stability, supporting confident decision making and is the driving force behind implementing the business’ plans. 
Many SME’s, especially those entering a period of rapid or sustained growth, despite needing the support of an experienced Finance Director, aren’t in a position to appoint one on a full time basis.

Our Part-time FD services provides the solution, by offering the support you need, when you need it, and at a fraction of the cost of a full time FD.
In my work I find very few directors of SMEs who don't recognise the importance of MI, but often find what they are working with is insufficient or out of date.  

Richard Powell. 


wholeheartedly endorse his clear thinking and no-nonsense approach which helps companies to de-mystify true financials to assist them to achieve their goals.
Brian Herdman, CEO, Young & Lee