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Suttongate Consulting Ltd. is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office pursuant to the Data Protection Act [1998]. Personal and sensitive information is deemed to be any information that identifies a living individual.

Visitor Details: Information such as IP addresses, web browsers and visit times etc., will be collected for the purposes of obtaining visitor statistics and diagnosing problems on both our website and blog.

Sharing of Information: Suttongate Consulting will not sell, give, rent or share any personal information with any other persons or third parties (please refer to the legal disclaimer below).

Legal Disclaimer: Although every effort will be made to respect your privacy, the company
may be required to provide information in accordance with the law or when required to do so in respect of a court order.    

Accuracy: We will endeavour to keep all personal information up to date and accurate. Any information found to be out of date or incorrect in any way will either be deleted, destroyed or corrected at the earliest possible opportunity.

Security: Suttongate Consulting has security procedures in place in order to prevent or mitigate the possibility of loss, misuse or unauthorised alteration of information under its control. 

The company reserves the right to amend its privacy policy at any time and without giving notice.