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Making your business easier and more rewarding to manage ... * Part Time and Freelance Finance Director * SME Business Management Mentoring * Business Reviews and Company Health Checks * Business Improvement and Turnaround * Non-Executive Directorship & Corporate Governance ... Finding performance improvement opportunities in your business 
SUTTONGATE CONSULTING IS A WEST MIDLANDS BASED FINANCE & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SERVICE PROVIDER. WE enable companies to de-mystify their finances and achieve long-term, sustainable growth and profitability through robust financial management & control; supporting confident decision making; delivering clarity in the business' future; and freeing up more of the owners' time, enabling them to focus on growing and developing their business.

Our various services, include:

Part-time & Freelance Finance Director & Non-Executive Director;
Mentoring inexperienced SFOs/FDs, Directors & Business Owners;
Enabling businesses to obtain the funding they require, by increasing their appeal to banks & other lenders;

Prepare businesses & companies for sale ... at the best possible price!


a wealth of practical knowledge in his field... very commercial and straight talking.
Andrew Jones, Partner, Haines Watts Chartered Accountants

Suttongate Consulting is regulated by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)